Feeling stressed? #adultingishard 
Stress is taking its toll on your 
mood, your productivity, 
your relationships, 
and your wellbeing.
What if you could take 
the pressure off?
What if you could create 
a sense of calm?
Sweet Relief 
Mind-Body Coaching to Dissolve Stress
Do any of these sound familiar?
  • ​You're starting to notice that anxiety is holding you back in your life
  •  You feel like you should just be grateful or focus on the positive, but somehow stress keeps creeping back in
  •  You’re afraid that your stress will impact your health and relationship in significant ways, and you’re not ready to sit back and let that happen
  •  ​When stress and anxiety flare, you slide into unhealthy habits (like eating a bag of nachos and binge-watching Netflix until 2am), and you don’t know why you can't stop
  •  ​You feel stuck, but you also think you should somehow know better and be able to shake this feeling off - but you haven't been able to yet, despite your best efforts
What if it didn’t have to be this way?
I’ll help you let that shit go so you can feel like yourself again.

What if you could feel empowered around your stress, and keep moving?
What if you knew how to reliably find relief when you need it most?
You’ll learn exactly how to relieve anxiety so you can stop feeling so stressed and find a sense of calm...even in the midst of chaos.

It sounds like magic, and it might feel like magic, but it's grounded in science...and it works.
As a result of this program, you will...
  • ​Reclaim your power from stress
  •  Transform yourself from a worrier to a warrior 
  •  Know exactly what to do when anxiety comes to town 
  •  Take control of your wellbeing 
  •  Know how to dissolve the impact of stress on your mind and body 
  •  Feel WAY less pressure 
  •  Have a clear, strategic plan for how to cultivate inner calm
"Brigid was a tremendous help and support to me throughout our coaching experience. She was thoughtful, patient, funny and insightful, often helping me to see the circumstances of my life in new and meaningful ways. She offered incredibly useful tools and techniques to slow down and identify what I was thinking and feeling during especially challenging experiences. I can't thank her enough for offering me the perspective and accountability that I needed to make some important changes in my life. Brigid is truly wonderful at what she does and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!"

Sweet Relief 
 is a coaching package that brings together the best 
mind-body approaches to reliably relieve stress 
This package includes:
  • The Stress Map: A self-reflection worksheet give you a clear picture of your particular anxiety patterns and habits. You’ll gain an understanding of your triggers, and reveal the truth about why you get so caught up. This awareness is essential to unlocking the cycle of stress you’re in so you can break free of it for good. The Stress Map will help you put it all in perspective and understand what's contributing to your stress.
  • Sweet Relief Sessions: Two private coaching sessions (2 x 75 minutes) to work through what's getting in your way, and learn strategic self-care tools to bring you relief right where you need it. 
  • Coming Home to YourSELF Practices: Bespoke self-care practices designed specifically to dissolve anxiety and balance your nervous system in a matter of minutes (or less!)
At $497 CAD, this is an amazing value.

*Please note that this is not a substitute for medical/clinical interventions for stress, anxiety or other mental health issues. 
It's a collection of bespoke self-care skills to help you take exquisite care of yourself.*


Haven't you struggled long enough? 
(Yes. Yes, you have. Now is the time.)

Stress doesn’t have to hold you back. 
Sweet Relief awaits.  

Now is the time to reclaim your peace of mind. 
I can help.

Interested in working with me? Fabulous!

Let's get started.

Here are your next steps:

1) Click the yellow button below to make your payment.
2) On the confirmation page, you'll find a link where you can book yourself right into my calendar. (The link will also be e-mailed to you.)
3) In the process of booking your first appointment, you'll fill out The Stress Map, which will take 15 minutes or so to complete.
4) You'll receive an e-mail to confirm your first appointment once you've booked it, which will contain a link where we'll meet online for our first session (over Zoom).
Hi, I’m Brigid Dineen, Resilience Coach for Women on a Mission.
For the past 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women embrace self-care and cultivate resilience. My clients have left toxic jobs and marriages, learned to have healthy relationships (and found love!). They've taken back control of emotional eating, escaped the perfectionist trap, embraced healthy lifestyle choices, and discovered how to live more consciously. Most importantly, they've become skilled at sinking beneath the noise and connecting with what matters most to them. They know how to find clarity and courage when they need it most.

As an experienced Yoga Teacher and Certified Life Coach, as well as being someone who has dealt with anxiety & depression myself, I am uniquely equipped to guide you to finding calm in the chaos. 
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