It's time to Lighten Your Load!
Reclaim your time & energy (...and ultimately, your life!)
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Feeling drained by your to-do list?
It's time to Lighten Your Load!
Is your calendar an endless list of obligations?
Are your commitments weighing you down?
Do you barely have a moment for yourself?
Do you wish it could all be just a little less chaotic?

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In case nobody's told you lately...
You have a choice. Your desires matter.
You deserve this.
Lighten Your Load 
is a simple 5-step process to 
help you deal with what's draining you.

In 30 minutes or less, you'll emerge with a personalized plan to begin reclaiming your time and energy....

And honestly? 
You'll begin to reclaim your life.

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  • 5 simple steps to help you begin to reclaim your time and energy - immediately!
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What People are Saying About Lighten Your Load
“Brigid balances the deep-dive of examining what drains you of energy with simple steps to feel clear and empowered. The lightness I feel after following them is worth the 20 minutes investment!”
-Jo Rodrigues
Wow, I feel lighter already! 
I love that it is solution focused and gives some ideas of how to create a plan for dealing with some of the tasks you might still need to do, but finding a more positive outlook about doing them. Definitely a great do it yourself project which doesn't have to take days/weeks/years to work on. It takes minutes if you take the time to do it. 
This is a great resource!” 
-K. Roos
I feel a sense of relief that I have acquired a tool that I can apply anywhere. It was a very useful exercise, and I appreciate the way Brigid led me through the steps to come to a plan that would work for me. 
It was a very productive experience!” 
-Moira Hudgin

The visual and physical act of making and see the list helped me to recognize WHY certain tasks were making me feel so overwhelmed. Like, I didn't realize that the laundry task was so terrible because of the type of laundry baskets I have and the act of carrying them up and down all the stairs. I was able to see that some things could be so much less painful with some minor adjustments. That, and I talked to my partner about the jobs I couldn't stand doing and we decided to trade off on some jobs.​​​

I have to say that listing the tasks and prioritizing them to help me find solutions for the specific things that were weighing me down was incredibly eye opening and helped me feel in more control of the overwhelm. I got some very bad news in the midst of this, and I'm grateful I was able to get to a more peaceful place just as I hit a huge personal challenge.”
-Lindsey McFarlane-Costard
Learn More About Brigid
Known for her deep empathy and grounded approach to personal growth, Brigid Dineen is the Life Coach for Lasting Change. 

She has been teaching, coaching, and supporting women for over a decade as they learn to put themselves on the priority list. Brigid believes in a world where well-being comes first. It all starts with self-care and healthy boundaries. 

As the creator of Breathing Room and Mindfulness for Busy People, she provides practical tools and strategies for self-care to help you reclaim your time, energy and peace of mind.
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